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The Russian Revolution of 1917 and World History: A Centenary Reflection | 6 April 2017 | La Trobe University


More information on the event introducing Tony Kevin's book Return to Moscow  (see link above). My comments were cut significantly, and these edits have not been acknowledged in the recording. My critique of the book was, as a result, significantly weakened. My complete comments, with the deleted sections reproduced in bold type, can be accessed here.

Update on the above, 13 December 2017. On 12 December 2017, the National Security Archive published declassified documents which do show that Gorbachev received assurances that NATO would not expand. These never made it into treaties, but these documents do falsify Mark Kramer's research on which I drew in my comments. I stand corrected on this issue. 

Other print media

The legacies of the "Russian" Revolution(s): World War II. OUP Blog. 4 December 2017.

Is the Russian Revolution Over yet? Pursuit. The University of Melbourne 8 November 2017. 

1917-й столетие спустя, или Почему нас должна заботить русская революция. Russian translation of the ABR review essay on new English-language books on 1917. Published in НЕПРИКОСНОВЕННЫЙ ЗАПАС № 115 (5/2017). 

Война окончена, всем спасибо. Почему совесткая власть не спешила воздать должное ветеранам, May 2017. Mikhail Karpov for lenta.ru discusses with Mark Edele his 2008 monograph Soviet Veterans of the Second World War: A Popular Movement in an Authoritarian Society, 1941-1991. The article also contains a series of reader comments.